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Does America Have the Courage to Fire its First “Black” President?


I take lead on the blackness factor from actor Morgan Freeman regarding President Obama’s ethnic standing when he recently stated on NPR ‘He is not America’s first Black president – he’s America’s first mixed-race president.’ And he continued ‘First thing that pops into my head regarding our president is that all of the people who are setting up this barrier…they just conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white – very white American, Kansas, middle of America.’

So Barack Obama and I have one very important shared heritage that would seemingly unite us – a very white mama.

Accept that doesn’t mean anything to me. As it shouldn’t. A careful calm consideration of policy, character, and adherence to the oath of the office of the President of the United Stated to defend the Constitution should be the top three things in thinking on whether or not to re-elect this man for another four years. However, if my skin color let me self-identify as Black, does that fact dictate who gets my vote? With 95% of African Americans voting for Obama in 2008, and a super majority continuing to support him in his 2012 bid despite a 14.4% unemployment rate in their community (Source: CNN) – it raises a series of sticky questions white people especially are NOT supposed to think let alone say out loud.

The top on my list of taboo questions is does America have the courage to fire its first black president?

I am not so sure.

Americans were so self-congratulatory back in 2008 after Obama’s election. Look at us, we thought, we’re so progressive, this country is so racist but look at what we did any way. All anyone could talk about was that race is now off the table – but we haven’t stopped talking about it since. As the great thinker and author Dennis Prager recently pointed out that more Africans voluntarily immigrated to our country than were forced to come during the days of slavery (Source: The Daily Caller). Stop and think about that. Who would choose to leave their homeland for somewhere worse? If we are such a racist society then we are doing a piss poor job at keeping people (I include women here) that look anything darker than Mitt Romney down. So which is it? Are we racist or merit based? Is lingering racism a white phenomena? Or dare I say – does skin color matter most to people darker than my freckles?

Stepping into the voting booth this November, how many Americans will shut that little curtain behind them, and in the safety of the cocoon of anonymity actually vote their conscience? When no one is there to cowardly play the race card in an attempt to invalidate four years of evidence of a job poorly done, how many Americans will punch the name of the man they think may slow the spiral of blame, irresponsibility, and devastating economic policy? When MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry isn’t there to remind you that YOU are a product and beneficiary of American imperialism and slavery, who will you vote for? When you aren’t forced to swallow the dangerous rhetoric of White Privilege through nationwide PSA’s, which candidate do you believe will lead by example of self-reliance and prosperity?

No politician no matter how good, can change the course of your life for you, save enacting the draft. It is not their responsibility to provide for you. They are not your mama, especially your very white American, Kansas, middle American mama.

Barack Obama deserves to be fired. He deserves to be sent packing by every single American who he broke a campaign promise to. So that list includes YOU.

Airing today is an interview with the President and First lady in which he states the biggest mistake of the past four years has nothing to do with his failed policies, lack of immigration reform, lack of creating a business friendly environment so Americans can get back to work, etc – but that hetell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”

We did not need a story Mr. President, we needed a leader, and a competent one.

And that person is not you.


About kristinainamericaland

Kristina is a modern Constitutionalist. A woman governed by the same principles that have shaped and given depth to her beloved nation, whilst being shaped and given depth too, herself, by never letting one's roots grow out too far and one's bikini wax growing beyond bushwaka. Schooled at UCLA and immensely successful within the corporate and commercial environment, Kristina is at the vanguard of Libertarianism. Never afraid to tackle issues embedded in controversy, she offers an insight that is original, witty and balanced. A genuine mother for all seasons. And did we mention she's also the hottest direct descendant of president John Adams. She is the mother of one outrageously cute baby boy and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.


4 thoughts on “Does America Have the Courage to Fire its First “Black” President?

  1. America would never recover from the collective guilt of firing an incompetent black man from his job. Instead, America will continue to follow South Africa down the road of making up for past errors and continue to elect terribly inexperienced and unskilled politicians…

    Posted by wardie | July 13, 2012, 5:58 pm
  2. It will take this nation several decades to recover from the harm done by this president,
    my apology’s go out to the coming generation.

    Posted by Warlord | July 13, 2012, 9:05 pm
  3. Well Americans that voted for this President, you should feel warm and filled. If you are unemployed right now, broke and lost your home due to this economy and you voted for him—-hang in there, it is going to get worse for you with another 4 with BeHO. If your having a hard time he will save you for sure!! How do you like the change he is bringing? It’s like being born again right?

    Remember the feeling of falling when your asleep and you wake up scared shitless. Sad to say but now you really are going to hit the bottom of the elavator shaft. No pun intended with “Shaft”.

    I just found out that I did not build my business over the past 25 years sombody esle did according to BeHO. So I am off to send out checks to the folks who built my business (might take sometime). I have to follow the great one and be a Socialite Socialist. Well, I guess I’m off the hook working 70 hrs a week.

    Off to play some Bball and wait for the $ to come in. The builders of my business I have not met, I KNOW, will show up and make me RICH. What a great country.

    Milk Toast

    Posted by Milk Toast | July 17, 2012, 9:31 pm
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