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Hey successful folks – stop taking credit for your, um, success.

(VIDEO) Obama – ‘If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen’

Obama reminds us that it’s not because we’re smart, hard-working, or driven that we succeed – its because someone else helped us out along the way.

The veil on Obama’s collectivism philosophy is lifting. You owe your life, your earnings, and your sense of accomplishment to the mass of people around you and those that came before you. Ditch diggers and doctors share equal responsibility (or blame?) for any opportunity you may have found and seized in your life. The small-minded people of Roanoke, Virginia cheering him on – along with many of his liberal supporters live and die by this philosophy. Why? Not because it lets them take those pesky successful nation building wealthy women and men down a notch or ten (although that does make them feel all tingly), its because if no one is responsible for their own success than NO ONE can be blamed for their own failure. You cannot be dumb, lazy, and just bad at life – someone else is at fault.

Think you are smarter, more hard-working  than that baby mama with four kids by three different daddy’s living solely on the government dole that they angrily believe is their right to have and your duty to provide? Think again says Mr. Obama.



About kristinainamericaland

Kristina is a modern Constitutionalist. A woman governed by the same principles that have shaped and given depth to her beloved nation, whilst being shaped and given depth too, herself, by never letting one's roots grow out too far and one's bikini wax growing beyond bushwaka. Schooled at UCLA and immensely successful within the corporate and commercial environment, Kristina is at the vanguard of Libertarianism. Never afraid to tackle issues embedded in controversy, she offers an insight that is original, witty and balanced. A genuine mother for all seasons. And did we mention she's also the hottest direct descendant of president John Adams. She is the mother of one outrageously cute baby boy and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.


3 thoughts on “Hey successful folks – stop taking credit for your, um, success.

  1. I work all over Los Angeles for a property management company, so I see all kinds of things, people and conditions. One condition i see over and over is that the people who are on government assistant programs e.i GR & wellfare, stay at home, smoke pot, watch tv, and I hear for the most part them yelling at their kids… oh and sell drugs. It sickening! I work my ASS off, and at the end of the month after paying my bills and taxes, i’m not to much better off financially.
    The cost of living is ridiculous, especially housing…
    The ratio of a single persons income vs. rent is not balanced, but thats a whole other conversation.
    Im sick of all these hand-outs to perfectly healthy adults and wish at the very least, the government would drug test monthly those who receive GR.

    Posted by Denise | July 16, 2012, 5:52 am
  2. Well said Denise. I must say my heart is filled with guilt that I have not thanked all the people that built my company. President BeHO has brought the light to me! I am freeee!

    Would you do me a service and during your travels (your duty) and thank all the folks you see that they have built a company. And ask them to write down my companies name. I will need there address to send them a card of thanks and BeOH’s money he says I owe. Denise, you have a great opportunity to praise all those you encounter. Go get um. 🙂

    Milk Toast

    Posted by Milk Toast | July 17, 2012, 10:15 pm


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