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Why I don’t take “We think you’re stupid” for an answer.


Last night I commented to my better half that the one thing in this world that drives me absolutely insane is people behaving false. Whether that comes in the form of willful intellectual dishonesty or the more blatant “I think you’re stupid and can pull one over on you,” doesn’t matter.

It is my albatross. That is the core of my political, familial, and societal frustrations.

As per usual, the universe handed me two situations in as many days to clarify this for me. The second came to a head this morning in dealing with my dental office and dental insurance. It began after asking what I thought was a simple question to the office manager at my dental office, seven times, she continued to shout over me, incessantly repeating herself. This is one of the things not too bright people do. When they don’t know how to answer your question or how to handle you they just repeat whatever asinine thing they already said. Finally I answered the question for her. And when she agreed that I had correctly answered my own question, the conversation came to an impasse and I politely hung up.

Next was a phone call to my dental insurance to confirm the information said office manager shouted at me was in fact true. Part was correct, part was misinformation (I will be trying to meet with the dentist later this week to discuss the lack of customer service and bad policy). I was concerned that my insurance company was being over-charged by my dentist, and once my deductible was reached therefore over-charging me. After a couple of rounds explaining that I was in fact trying to help them SAVE money, he told me that the policy in place would not allow for that. But that is bad business I said, that’s how we do it, he replied. Then the following exchange took place after customer service agent Ross offered up to me the information that should I elect to pay out-of-pocket for covered dental procedures and they find out about it, they will cross that off my list of covered services.

Me: So Ross, hypothetically if I am visiting family in California and pay cash for a dental cleaning on a whim, and you happen to find out about it, Altus Dental will then deny paying for a future cleaning that I PAY COVERAGE FOR?

Ross: Well, when you say it like that, it sounds so, um…

Me: Sinister? Shady? Wrong?

Ross: Yeah. Um, let me check with my supervisor to see if I have this right….(a minute later, and much more confident now) Yes, ma’am, that is our policy.

Me: Isn’t that bad policy? You are cheating.

Ross: That is the way it is. That is our policy. Is there anything else I can answer for you?

Me: Only if you can explain to me why your company thinks this policy is okay to have. (Silence). Okay then, bye.

It would have been mildly less frustrating if he would have just shouted WE THINK YOU’RE STUPID and you have no recourse against us – so piss off. At least that would have been honest. And mostly true.

Now where I may differ from many of you is you would never have spent an hour having these conversations with these people. But remember my albatross dangling ever so foreboding around my neck? I cannot let it go. Things in our world have gotten so completely backwards and unbelievably nutty precisely because so many Americans for so long have just let it all go with a shoulder shrug and a “what can you do, that’s just the way it is.” No,no it is not. These two companies are behaving badly and I will speak out about it. I should speak out about it. In my personal relationships I will speak out about it when occasions arise instead of just letting bad behavior go unchecked. Which may be why I’m not so popular.

Finally to bring it full circle to what lately is truly motivating my writing – this government. From Obama and his surrogates in the media spouting claims that are inaccurate to say the least (Source: Breitbart), ever-expanding their powerful reach into controlling your life and livelihood, to the TSA molesting you in the airport – they get away with it because YOU say nothing. Do nothing. Just go along.

This is why it is so crucial that I don’t take “we think you’re stupid” from my insurance company, dental office, family, and my government. And you shouldn’t either. Unless of course you are stupid, and in that case – carry on intellectual lightweights.

Just stay out of my way and please stop voting.


About kristinainamericaland

Kristina is a modern Constitutionalist. A woman governed by the same principles that have shaped and given depth to her beloved nation, whilst being shaped and given depth too, herself, by never letting one's roots grow out too far and one's bikini wax growing beyond bushwaka. Schooled at UCLA and immensely successful within the corporate and commercial environment, Kristina is at the vanguard of Libertarianism. Never afraid to tackle issues embedded in controversy, she offers an insight that is original, witty and balanced. A genuine mother for all seasons. And did we mention she's also the hottest direct descendant of president John Adams. She is the mother of one outrageously cute baby boy and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.


3 thoughts on “Why I don’t take “We think you’re stupid” for an answer.

  1. And somehow the collective understanding believes that to counter such bureaucratic cohesion, more bureaucracy is required. This country is heading for a crash with Obamacare…

    Posted by wardie | July 17, 2012, 7:25 pm
  2. Ahh…..battles with bureaucracy, I know them well!! And your blog certainly paints a witty and vivid picture of one such experience…..I am reminded of the wise words of somebody (?): “Against ignorance even the gods have fought in vain”
    We all need to take a leaf out of Buddug’s book (Boadicea in Welsh!!) and I’m pleased to see you doing so! Have enjoyed the blog and look forward to others 🙂

    Posted by paula parry | July 17, 2012, 8:41 pm
  3. I feel like going out and getting a “Root Canal” and paying for it. Wait, I’m going to tell the Dentist I built his practice and he owes me, ya that’s the ticket. That’s what our great President BeHO says. Off to watch the Star Treck movie the one about the Borg’s “The Collective Group that work together”. Keep this blog up it’s great and three cheers for free Medical Care coming soon!

    Posted by Milk Toast | July 17, 2012, 10:30 pm

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