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The Dark Hysterical Liberal Rises


While Colorado and the rest of the United States are reeling from this shockingly tragic event with 12 innocent dead after a shooting during a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises – there have already been attempts to politicize this horror.

This shooting is the worst mass shooting in the United States since 32 people were killed in 2007 on the Virginia Tech campus in Virginia back in 1999, and the 12 people killed in the Columbine High School massacre that happened only 25 miles away from this shooting early Friday morning (CBS Denver).

Most normal people have not acquired the callous smarminess to use this atrocity as a political talking point and launch into a anti-Second Amendment rights tirade even before we know the names of the victims. But that’s where you and I differ, we are normal. Normal-ish. Liberal media and nobody bloggers (unlike myself, a Libertarian-nobody blogger) have been just itching to change the national dialogue about the failure in the White House. And they have created it in the form of something we should simply be mourning.

ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings. ABC has since apologized. They actually could not seem eager enough to shoot first and ask questions later.

Blow-hard Gary Younge of The Guardian in the UK put out a piece “America needs to talk about gun control in the wake of the Colorado shooting (Read nonsense here). He urges us that

“Sympathy for Aurora’s victims should not stop us addressing the fact that more than 84 people are shot to death daily in the US.”

I remind you Mr. Younge that YOU are more than twice as likely to be a victim of knife crime in the UK as you are to be a victim of gun crime in the US.

Or we can look to the comments of Mayor Bloomberg insisting that gun control laws now become and issue of the 2012 election. Let me think on how this will play out, Obama will say this is so awful, us Democrats are anti-this, wish it didn’t happen, and if you let us take away your 2nd amendment right this would have been prevented. And Romney says, this is so awful, Republicans are anti-this, wish it didn’t happen, and as soon as you can legislate against CRAZY let us know?


“Behold, the instrument of your liberation! Identify yourself to the world!” 

Has this also given a contrived reason to attack this film and distract from its imminent success and its non-Hollywood conforming message? A surprise bonus, like cookies made with Splenda.

Staying in line with the other Dark Knight films, and what I loosely infer (based on no evidence but my observation) are the politics of filmmaker extraordinaire and genius, Christopher Nolan, this film is NOT anti-Capitalist or pro-mobs of the masses taking over. Quite the opposite. This franchise has felt a unique cold shoulder during awards season in tinsel town precisely for this reason. Now, I don’t want to go too Michele Bachmann on you with a conspiracy theory…just pointing out the facts. The Occupy Wall Streeters themselves are up in arms, or rather, up in iPads and patchouli, about what they call the anti-Occupy Wall Street blockbuster. Violent mobs lead by a dark faced villain attack Wall Street and our wealthy hero looses his fortune from a corrupt failed green energy program? No, that’s not about you whatsoever. Why do you ask?

* * *

My heart truly aches for these families whose lives have just been irrevocably torn apart. Can we please insert some GD-civility back into this Twilight Zone of a political season and not use this to try to swing the polls one way or the other?

If you are interested in ways to help the victims and their families in Aurora, CO, this article offers a few ideas. 


About kristinainamericaland

Kristina is a modern Constitutionalist. A woman governed by the same principles that have shaped and given depth to her beloved nation, whilst being shaped and given depth too, herself, by never letting one's roots grow out too far and one's bikini wax growing beyond bushwaka. Schooled at UCLA and immensely successful within the corporate and commercial environment, Kristina is at the vanguard of Libertarianism. Never afraid to tackle issues embedded in controversy, she offers an insight that is original, witty and balanced. A genuine mother for all seasons. And did we mention she's also the hottest direct descendant of president John Adams. She is the mother of one outrageously cute baby boy and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.


12 thoughts on “The Dark Hysterical Liberal Rises

  1. Agreed. It is even more horrific than the crime itself for politicians to try to gain recognition off of this tragedy. Kinda proves that the politicians are just as insane as the killer. Feeling dirty about the way they treat our America. Thanks for pointing this out and putting it to even greater light.

    Posted by Tricia Kelly | July 21, 2012, 12:46 am
  2. Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado just said: “Let’s not point fingers.” He’s wrong, utterly wrong. I suggest we all point fingers at the U.S. National Rifle Association, which, by corrupting and bribing United States Senators and Representatives as well as State Governors and Legislatures, I hold directly responsible for the mass murder this morning in Aurora. At the press conference it was revealed that the murderer had several guns in his possession, as well as 6,000 rounds of ammunition purchased freely and unrestrictedly on the Internet, with no required notice having to be sent to police that a likely madman was arming himself for domestic terrorism. He even had a 100-round magazine, an accessory which serves no useful purpose for a hunter or target shooter and which is solely useful for military or terrorist purposes. Time to outlaw the NRA as an organization which supports, encourages and facilitates domestic terrorism and which suborns the entire political process.

    Posted by Ananda das | July 20, 2012, 10:01 pm
    • Yes, you’re right!! That darn, pesky 2nd amendment always gets in the way of a “safer, gentler” America! After you self-righteously abolish the 2nd amendment, will you please do the same with that pesky 1st amendment too? Letting the pleebs have “free speech” is much too dangerous, don’tcha think?

      Posted by Mike Smythe | July 21, 2012, 2:39 am
    • Would it make you feel better if he rammed a vehicle into a crowded theatre and run every one over or made a bomb out of fertilizer. Let’s ban vehicles, fertilizer, gasoline, knives, forks and box cutters. Your a moron. A mad man will find a way to kill

      Posted by Ron hotchkiss | July 23, 2012, 7:04 pm
  3. It is horror of what took place in CO…!! The problem with gun control is that the folks that want it want all the guns taken away over time. How about this when someone wants to buy a gun he has to have 3 people sign that this person is sain and safe. Also has to show the document on all purchases. Right now you just have to do is check a box that your not crazy…. HELLO!

    Remember Liberals want to take rights from you and make you dependent because they are right about life in all aspects for you. Sorry, i like my guns i could have many people sign that i’m not sick in the head. My wife might argue with that but there is a work around. 🙂

    I wonder what would of happned if there were men packing guns and this guy knew it? Right he would go where he would not get shot. Remember on the news that old guy shooting at two young guys ready to rob… they ran with a bullet in them and got caught. One of the youth had a gun. They probally won’t do it again when they get out.

    We law abidding Americans have the right to bear arms.

    The left wingers are like Listeriosis, you eat it and don’t get sick for some time and it’s to late.

    Posted by Milk Toast | July 23, 2012, 6:30 pm
  4. This article is spreading the very same false hysteria that anti Constitutionalist uses to advocate their gun grabbing activities, namely, this:

    “Most normal people have not acquired the callous smarminess to use this atrocity as a political talking point and launch into a anti-Second Amendment rights tirade even before we know the names of the victims. But that’s where you and I differ, we are normal.”

    Thats what the Radical Left does, attempts to project such a thing as a National tragedy, when it isnt. It has no effect on me, I wasnt there. No one except the Locals in Aurora were affected.

    This hysteria you spread is what Liberals and gun control activists use to project violence on others, and use that as a basis to create fear and hystera.

    when they invent it as a national tragedy, then they can push for national gun laws.

    IOW, what you write contradicts itself.

    Look up “projection” and “victimology” Youre playing victimology games.

    Posted by davecq | July 23, 2012, 6:41 pm
  5. Prayers to the folks in Auroa, This is a heart break for all Americans. This is not the time for the Left to raise there voices about gun control. Our country was decided with a gun, guns are neither good or evil it’s who’s hand it’s in. Make the crime more costly for those who break the law.

    The Ill’s of this Republic are the Liberals that steal without using a gun. Causing millions pain!

    Milk Toast is right becareful what your mind eats.

    Posted by Carter | July 23, 2012, 6:52 pm
  6. Its been proven over and over with undercover cameras that people can obtain guns with out going thru proper channels. Some people will look the other way to make a buck. I don’t know if there is a limit in buying bullets, but Nolan bought tons of it…you would think it would raise a red flag some where. There are gun owners that are responsible and there are some that are not…but it is the NOT that is worrisome and it is that NOT that makes me sometimes think humans are not ready to have guns. But then if its not guns, it will be something else, knives, pipe bombs, rope,etc. People will kill if they really want to, bottom line.
    I just went to see batman yesterday with the kids, and found myself very tense in watching it, thinking about the victims in Colorado. Few times fighting back tears and left the movie depressed.

    Posted by Denise | July 24, 2012, 12:20 pm
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