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The Kardashians Don’t Need You, America Does – Mommy’s, Daddy’s & Libertarians LISTEN UP


WE Hope CAN and Change THISMommy’s & Libertarians Listen Up.

An honest, heartfelt, and graceful tribute to Ron Paul, a Republican, aired at the Republican National Convention just before his son, Republican Congressmen Rand Paul spoke about the state of small business creation and positive immigration in the United States.

The GOP has gotten away from so many of its founding values, but it hasn’t lost them all. That is why as someone of a Libertarian persuasion, who honors and studies the Constitution, I take the lead from Ron Paul, and have the courage to work to change the party of freedom, equality, and prosperity from the inside out.

This is the party of Lincoln and Reagan. It needs to NOT be for big government, interventionism, and world policing. This is the party that voted-in the Civil Rights and Voting Acts of the early 1960’s. This is NOT the party that founded the KKK. It needs NOT continue the racist welfare entitlement programs that have systematically crippled generations of African-Americans and other minorities. This is the party that ended the cold war. It needs to NOT be the seemingly pro-war party.

If us Libertarians cannot recognize the small victory in the GOP adopting in its 2012 platform: to call for an audit of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold,

I am not a registered Republican, but an Independent. But currently I am working for this party, and specifically for the victory of the Presidential ticket of Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan. As Rand Paul said in his speech tonight, the most important thing now is “we need a new president.” Amen brother.

So to those of you out there who live and die by Dr. Paul, I am truly baffled by your lack of desire to actually see his vision through. He inspired me years ago to re-evaluate my relationship and beliefs on government and it’s place in our life. I will never stop the fight for liberty, so much so that I am finally pursuing my life long passion to finish law school. However, many loyal Ron Paul revolutionaries would rather throw their toys out of the pram, pout, and whine about how awful and evil everyone in the Republican Party is. Do you need soft gentle drone strike reminder that this is the political party both Dr. Paul AND his son have spent their life in?

Decide want you want more; to be self-righteous and pontificate in perpetuity on “how it should be,” or fight the good fight and work for change from within. Maybe the desire to be “right” about everything going to hell is more powerful for zealots than actually making a better world. While I’m sure your wives, lovers, and Twitter pals just love to hear the diatribe every night, I would humbly request that you take ACTION and then, and only then the country may actually benefit finally from your passion.


To you out there who are not so invested in this election, politics, and the state of our union in general – shame on you. Literally. Shame. The United States of America is the greatest experiment in personal liberty, religious freedom, and equality that has EVER existed in the recorded history of mankind. So how are you choosing to be a good steward of this gift God (whomever you hold Him to be) gave you? Oh, yeah, by not paying attention and, instead, watching The Bachelorette. Nice. I’m so tired of people saying to me that we can’t and shouldn’t expect regular people to be politically informed, aware of the happenings in their country, and genuinely engaged in what direction our current administration is taking us. Here’s an idea – three times a week take those 20 minutes a day you spend reading US Weekly, People, or TMZ – and read three articles on the Drudge Report. Limit your reality TV watching (I’m including the infinite number of glorified karaoke shows, ie. The Voice) to an hour a day and, painful as it may be, force yourself to watch a news program. Vary between Fox News, CNN, and ABC – get some perspective, hear different voices, form a GD educated opinion about something besides whether or not Kristen Stewart is a slut.

In the Federalist Papers that shaped the argument for the 13 colonies to accept a unified Constitution, the idea was put forth of a Manifest Destiny. That God himself had given his blessing on those radical freedom-loving idealist forefathers of ours, and that is solely why it would work. And miraculously after going up against the largest military force in the world at the time for independence, a terrible civil war, two world wars, and numerous economic woes – this great nation remains. But it is not a guarantee that it will always be here, that we will always be free, that your liberty is guaranteed.

If you feel you are too busy with the demanding task of raising children, or with your work, your needle-point, your model plane building, or (insert your excuse here) – may I ask you to reevaluate the use of these important aspects of your life as reason to stay ignorant about the world around you. They are WHY you must pay attention.

When we care about something we ALWAYS find the time; the problem isn’t the time you don’t have – it’s that you just don’t care. Tell that to your babies and grand babies when they look at you and ask “Why didn’t you pay attention? Why didn’t you vote? Why didn’t you care about our freedom to worship and our liberty to succeed?” What will your answer be? Oh, honey the Kardashians and Adam Levine needed me.


About kristinainamericaland

Kristina is a modern Constitutionalist. A woman governed by the same principles that have shaped and given depth to her beloved nation, whilst being shaped and given depth too, herself, by never letting one's roots grow out too far and one's bikini wax growing beyond bushwaka. Schooled at UCLA and immensely successful within the corporate and commercial environment, Kristina is at the vanguard of Libertarianism. Never afraid to tackle issues embedded in controversy, she offers an insight that is original, witty and balanced. A genuine mother for all seasons. And did we mention she's also the hottest direct descendant of president John Adams. She is the mother of one outrageously cute baby boy and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband.


5 thoughts on “The Kardashians Don’t Need You, America Does – Mommy’s, Daddy’s & Libertarians LISTEN UP

  1. I’d ron Paul inspires you, you would not vote for Romney as he does not endorse him. Stop trying to play your tricks on people, Romney and Ryan are just as horrid as Obama and biden.

    Posted by mark eaton | September 5, 2012, 2:13 am
  2. If there wasn’t Gary Johnson running then this would all be unnecessary. I vote for my principles, not out of fear. If Obama is elected because people voted against their principles then we deserve Obama. Gary Johnson fits my ideals to a greater degree than Romney ever will and I will have a clear conscience come November. Will you?

    Posted by Samyra Johnson | September 5, 2012, 2:57 am
  3. In my opinion… Although not perfect, Romney and Ryan are 1000000% better than Obama. I believe that you fools that are not going to vote for Romney and Ryan because of your ‘principles’ will be just as much to blame for the fall of the United States as these communists (traiters) that do vote for Obama if he is re-elected.

    Posted by Wendell | September 5, 2012, 9:17 am
  4. The Obama nation is blowing so hard right now, it is all just stinky air. I pray our nation has enough sense to vote in a “new president” and I am equally disgusted with our reality TV driven country. I watch the Kardashians, but I also LISTEN to all the truths and not all the lies in politics right now. Disgusting.

    Posted by Tricia Kelly | September 5, 2012, 6:41 pm
  5. i only watch reality t.v. when i need a fiction fix. i am very interested in my country and where we are headed. i am a mother too and i want my daughter to have a future. i want her to be able to stand up for her beliefs and not be considered hate speech or a crazy cristain. i love god and if it was not for his hand in our past we would not have the rights that we do. they are god given. but just as the bibles reads, this is all part of gods master plan.

    Posted by lokey77 | September 16, 2012, 2:50 pm

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