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Just the tip – is not a game.


There is a reason the rate of circumcision is continuing to fall in the United States – parents are finally becoming informed on the reality and health consequences of this archaic and painful mutilation of our baby boys. We’re seemingly on a decline of newborns having this unnecessary cosmetic surgery performed. The rates from the CDC very year-by-year, and region by region. Overall it does seem to be declining, but nowhere close enough to where it needs to be – ZERO.

Why do we do this?

Currently NO medical association recommends circumcision. Not the American Medical Association nor the American Academy of Pediatrics. While the AAP has strong opinions about FGM (female genital mutilation) and advises its member pediatricians to “decline to perform any medically unnecessary procedure that alters the genitalia of female infants, girls, and adolescents.” Where is the strong statement about medically unnecessary procedures that alters the genitalia of boys? Not to be found. In fact recent support, but not quite an endorsement, for male circumcision by the AAP was by its own admission – “biased based on cultural normality” and claims of health benefits are “questionably weak.” Oh and by the way, the report was done to “assert(s) that the benefits of the procedure are sufficient to warrant third-party payment.” Meaning they published biased evidence to get the government (Medicaid specifically) and insurance companies to PAY hospitals to have this procedure done! Seriously. That is directly from their own retraction of their previous pro-circumcision “findings.” Circumcision had been dropping in low-income areas where Medicaid would not cover the procedure. Something simply had to be done, money was being lost and foreskins were running rampant. Hence, the trumped up paper by the AAP “scientists.”

The “cleanliness” argument has been debunked years ago, even before the aforementioned AAP retraction paper. Look at Europe where most males are intact – no problem there. The reports cited that it may lower rates of HIV and STD’s infection are addressed in the above linked AAP article. At every turn the theory that circumcision is a healthy preventative measure fails to meet statistical criteria. And that is according to their peer reviewers. Studies done on small populations in Sub-Saharan Africa are made to infer probable behavior and outcome in America males. However, even these studies are contradicted by every other study worldwide showing no relationship between circumcision and lower rates of HIV/STD infection. The biased American scientists (probably missing the tip themselves) wanted the American medical establishment to continue to be pro-cutting, so they made a study to support that bias. 


Does it matter if “daddy” had it done? Compassionately think about your son and his little precious body. If something hurtful was forced upon you as a child would you therefore pay it forward to your little one? No, of course not. This carries over to the locker room embarrassment at being the only uncut boy in the room concern we have all heard before. Thankfully that “concern” is out the window since by the time your son can potentially whip it out in that hypothetical high school scenario – half of the boys will look like him anyway, with a normal intact penis. Should conformity be one of your top reasons, no, should conformity be ANY of your reasons for circumcising your boy think very carefully about how you’re going to explain that to a grown-up, educated young man questioning why you requested an unneeded surgery to cut off an important and necessary part of his body?

Shorter, but Holier than though

If you are a Christian and believe the scriptures command it, do your homework. Quite the opposite in fact (Galatians Chapter 5, 6:12-16, Colossians 2:8-14, etc). Historically ancient circumcision was literally just a very small clip of the tip, nothing like the massive tissue and nerve removal of today. Not that an interpretation of the scripture should or should not lead someone to do this to a child, but anecdotally I know when I was young I was taught Christians were “supposed”  to do it because God said that separates us as his children. Turns out – not so much. 

We must be be passionate about protecting children, ALL children in ALL ways. That includes their delicate little bodies. We all have a visceral reaction to hearing about little girls having their genitals mutilated, but most don’t even have a second thought about a similar (though slightly less gruesome) procedure done to little boys. Why is that? Normality, familiarity, commonplace, and complacency. SImply when something is done for so long without question it becomes the status quo and detractors are radicals. But stop and really ponder what has been normalized in America – cutting off what would’ve become 15 square inches of tissue, 240 feet of nerves, and up to 20,000 nerve endings. The natural protection God designed for a male’s most delicate member. Think of your eyelids, same function as a foreskin. Call it a forelid if it makes you able to step out of the moral fatigue that has put most of us in a haze about our nation’s baby boys. Most likely all our father’s, uncles, and majority of our brothers had no choice and are circumcised. Not much can be done (save a painful restoration process) about the past that I’ve yet discovered. But do sins of the past need to be normalized and repeated? 


Here is a link to a great article on what is denied by electing to have this unnecessary procedure done:

“Babies are born perfect. Every part of your baby’s body is there for a purpose. Every part of your baby’s body helps him grow, develop, learn, and experience our wondrous world. The foreskin is one of these special body parts. In fact, the foreskin is an important body part throughout the entire life of the male.”



Lemonade for Oklahoma.


Lemonade for Oklahoma.

Ran into these lovely young ladies, Sarah and Emma, on Memorial Day. Pulled the car over (as I always do when I see young entrepreneurs in action!) and was so touched to find out they were spending their whole holiday working to help those hurt during the recent tornado.

Just when you think this nation is only producing a bunch of whiny gimme-gimmees…there’s Sarah & Emma

A is A [fill in the blank]



A is A.

The law of identity. A thing cannot wholly encompass two opposing philosophies.

A society is not FREE when at a moments notice of fear it turns into a police state, where armed cops lacking even a basic four-year criminal justice degree can point a gun at your chest with the legal “benefit of the doubt” should violence against you occur.

A society is not JUST if the takers get to vote to increase the theft of their brothers sweat, blood, and income. Where many pay over a third of their livelihood to an ungrateful nation. When the financial governing body targets political opponents of the president.

A society is not RIGHTEOUS when it claims to be peace-loving and God fearing, yet continues to police the world, overthrow governments, and use our service men and women’s lives as pawns for political points. When it has “kill” lists, uses drones to kill both enemies and civilians (including children) alike. When it covers up the death of an ambassador so as not to offend the host nation.

A man is not a LEADER when he continuously claims to know nothing about the legitimate scandals of illegality surrounding his administration (IRS , Benghazi, Spying on the press). When he dodges questions using lawyerly verbiage and tactics instead of letting his yes’ be yes’ and his no’s be no’s. When he abuses the office he holds for financial gain, becoming a multi-millionaire at the expense of the down-trodden he claims to represent. When he forces an unconstitutional health care bill via politically bullying that will neither care for our health, nor be able to be implemented – all to trick the nation to become a single-payer system.

We are not worthy to be free Americans when we dismiss the lies and deceit because “all politicians” lie – and let it carry on.

* * * * *

“Whatever you choose to consider, be it an object, an attribute or an action, the law of identity remains the same. A leaf cannot be a stone at the same time, it cannot be all red and all green at the same time, it cannot freeze and burn at the same time. A is A. Or, if you wish it stated in simpler language: You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.” | Atlas Shrugged

What I Voted For.

A positive intention has more power for change than a negative one. Instead of a vote for “revenge,” as Obama said in an off-script moment last week, or simply a  vote against Obama – vote for the desire, faith, and commitment to a better future for these United States of America.

Vote for a shift in the crippling entitlement society we have forged. Vote for responsibility at the highest levels of government and in our individual lives. Vote for liberty and return to our founding principles. Vote to shrink the size of our federal government, reduce the theft of our property through excessive taxes, and end the demonization of business owners.

The tyranny we face today from our central government is far worse than what our fore fathers faced against England. As we stray further from the founding principles that created the greatest political experiment in human history – the closer we come to destroying it. Real change is measured in achievement, not in lofty rhetoric.

Beware of attempts at voter suppression, and media perversion of voter turnout. Stephanie Cutter’s even a bit nervous (Keep Calm and Tweet on, bleh). 

Encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to vote. Engage anyone who will listen.

Should I vote? Who should I vote for?

The undecideds. Quite possibly the only group of people in America who should lose their right to vote. Seriously, if you can’t make up your mind between the radical Marxist leftist and the conservative rich guy who likes low taxes, you’ve got issues.

NO ONE is too busy to spend a little time to educate themselves.

NO ONE can afford to not care about the world we are leaving our babies.

NO ONE is too busy to vote.

WE the people have joined together in order to form a more perfect union. The President serves us, not the other way around. He is neither savior, nor a perfect man – but must be a man of integirty and leadership.

I voted for reason, liberty, life, and law. I voted for my self, my country, and my son. Jude, I hope we serve you well as good stewards of this nation. May every family have a rebirth within the home that starts today with the ballot they cast. Amen.

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” 

The Kardashians Don’t Need You, America Does – Mommy’s, Daddy’s & Libertarians LISTEN UP


WE Hope CAN and Change THISMommy’s & Libertarians Listen Up.

An honest, heartfelt, and graceful tribute to Ron Paul, a Republican, aired at the Republican National Convention just before his son, Republican Congressmen Rand Paul spoke about the state of small business creation and positive immigration in the United States.

The GOP has gotten away from so many of its founding values, but it hasn’t lost them all. That is why as someone of a Libertarian persuasion, who honors and studies the Constitution, I take the lead from Ron Paul, and have the courage to work to change the party of freedom, equality, and prosperity from the inside out.

This is the party of Lincoln and Reagan. It needs to NOT be for big government, interventionism, and world policing. This is the party that voted-in the Civil Rights and Voting Acts of the early 1960’s. This is NOT the party that founded the KKK. It needs NOT continue the racist welfare entitlement programs that have systematically crippled generations of African-Americans and other minorities. This is the party that ended the cold war. It needs to NOT be the seemingly pro-war party.

If us Libertarians cannot recognize the small victory in the GOP adopting in its 2012 platform: to call for an audit of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold,

I am not a registered Republican, but an Independent. But currently I am working for this party, and specifically for the victory of the Presidential ticket of Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan. As Rand Paul said in his speech tonight, the most important thing now is “we need a new president.” Amen brother.

So to those of you out there who live and die by Dr. Paul, I am truly baffled by your lack of desire to actually see his vision through. He inspired me years ago to re-evaluate my relationship and beliefs on government and it’s place in our life. I will never stop the fight for liberty, so much so that I am finally pursuing my life long passion to finish law school. However, many loyal Ron Paul revolutionaries would rather throw their toys out of the pram, pout, and whine about how awful and evil everyone in the Republican Party is. Do you need soft gentle drone strike reminder that this is the political party both Dr. Paul AND his son have spent their life in?

Decide want you want more; to be self-righteous and pontificate in perpetuity on “how it should be,” or fight the good fight and work for change from within. Maybe the desire to be “right” about everything going to hell is more powerful for zealots than actually making a better world. While I’m sure your wives, lovers, and Twitter pals just love to hear the diatribe every night, I would humbly request that you take ACTION and then, and only then the country may actually benefit finally from your passion.


To you out there who are not so invested in this election, politics, and the state of our union in general – shame on you. Literally. Shame. The United States of America is the greatest experiment in personal liberty, religious freedom, and equality that has EVER existed in the recorded history of mankind. So how are you choosing to be a good steward of this gift God (whomever you hold Him to be) gave you? Oh, yeah, by not paying attention and, instead, watching The Bachelorette. Nice. I’m so tired of people saying to me that we can’t and shouldn’t expect regular people to be politically informed, aware of the happenings in their country, and genuinely engaged in what direction our current administration is taking us. Here’s an idea – three times a week take those 20 minutes a day you spend reading US Weekly, People, or TMZ – and read three articles on the Drudge Report. Limit your reality TV watching (I’m including the infinite number of glorified karaoke shows, ie. The Voice) to an hour a day and, painful as it may be, force yourself to watch a news program. Vary between Fox News, CNN, and ABC – get some perspective, hear different voices, form a GD educated opinion about something besides whether or not Kristen Stewart is a slut.

In the Federalist Papers that shaped the argument for the 13 colonies to accept a unified Constitution, the idea was put forth of a Manifest Destiny. That God himself had given his blessing on those radical freedom-loving idealist forefathers of ours, and that is solely why it would work. And miraculously after going up against the largest military force in the world at the time for independence, a terrible civil war, two world wars, and numerous economic woes – this great nation remains. But it is not a guarantee that it will always be here, that we will always be free, that your liberty is guaranteed.

If you feel you are too busy with the demanding task of raising children, or with your work, your needle-point, your model plane building, or (insert your excuse here) – may I ask you to reevaluate the use of these important aspects of your life as reason to stay ignorant about the world around you. They are WHY you must pay attention.

When we care about something we ALWAYS find the time; the problem isn’t the time you don’t have – it’s that you just don’t care. Tell that to your babies and grand babies when they look at you and ask “Why didn’t you pay attention? Why didn’t you vote? Why didn’t you care about our freedom to worship and our liberty to succeed?” What will your answer be? Oh, honey the Kardashians and Adam Levine needed me.

Hell Freezes Over: Chinese State Run Media Get it 100% Right

Autocorrect tried to change that title at least five times before I could get it to save. Seriously?! The Chinese State Run media putting out a single ounce of truth? That is what I came across today in an online article posted by the BBC summarizing Xinhua’s, the state’s news agency, criticism of Obama’s newest threat against the Syrian people.

Chinese state media have accused US President Barack Obama of planning to use Syria’s chemical weapons as an excuse for intervening militarily….(Xinhua) was responding to a warning from Mr Obama that Syria would be crossing a “red line” if it tried to use such weapons.

This makes no sense does it? This peace-seeking, Muslim-loving, apologist for American arrogance, liberal-loving president is actively seeking a war in Syria? This cannot be. Say it isn’t so. My bleeding heart just might stop, erm, bleeding.

President Obama warned Syria earlier this week that it would face American military intervention if there were signs that its arsenal of chemical weapons was being moved or prepared for use. The man once very critical of American interventionism in the Middle East, where the only government program he IS willing to cut (and drastically at that) is the military, messiah to the presumptive anti-war left is now without justified cause or clear motivation – threatening to start a new war. Why? If you look at it through the prism of his espoused ideology you will be left sorely lacking explanation and as empty-handed as Debbie Wasserman-Shultz in a debate against Paul Ryan. Fear not for an answer, I have a pretty good idea why President Obama might tussle up a little skirmish in the Middle East…



James Madison was the nation’s first wartime president to seek re-election, Bush was the sixth. That’s probably the single biggest reason John Kerry failed to oust President Bush in 2004, despite a weakening economy and lagging popularity. Besides him being the weakest Democratic candidate possible, Kerry had no chance. This fact cannot possibly be lost on the Obama campaign machine.

If you are unable to run on your record due to its abysmal nature – where does a candidate desperate to keep his job turn? What is the message your marketing dream-team will peddle to the masses? We already drank the ‘hope and change’ KoolAid – and it gave us indigestion.

They’ve already been using the Osama Bin Laden hit as a reason Obama deserves four more years. Actually, the only concrete reason so far, despite sharp criticism from the military for leaking this intel. His political strategy for the past four years has been to blame his predecessor for the continuation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (until our recent abandonment of the Iraqi people) and the decline of our nation to near depression status. No one can argue that he wasn’t handed quite a cluster mug when he came into office – but that was four years ago. With a super majority in both houses during his first two years, Obama had carte blanche to pass all the “needed” legislation. Instead he focused on the creation of the largest entitlement program and tax increase in US history. You may know it as Obamacare.

The blame Bush strategy is falling flat. No one likes a whiner.

So then how about the go-to Democratic campaign talking points? I believe they go something like this:

Republicans are stupid.
Republicans HATE women, African-Americans, gays, Hispanics, and teachers. (Especially female mixed-race gay teachers, whew, watch out!)
Republicans want to push grandma over a cliff rather than give her Medicare.
Republicans HATE poor people and love the wealthy.
Mitt Romney is a Republican.

Using Aristotle’s formula for logic we can therefore deduce that Mitt Romney is all of those things…the Democrats hope.

Politicians will show you exactly what they are afraid of by what they do and what they ignore. The Obama campaign and it’s surrogate spokes-holes peppering nearly every news program ignore the utter failure of Obama’s current term in office. The unemployment rate has been at or above 8 percent for 42 consecutive months—three and a half years.  Before President Obama took office, unemployment had not been above 8 percent for this long since the Great Depression. Over three years ago, the Obama administration said that unemployment would never reach 8 percent if the “stimulus” was approved. They are afraid of the multitude of broken campaign promises. Afraid to acknowledge that this country got exactly what you would expect when you elect a wholly unqualified community rabble-rouser, with NO experience, has not completed any term of his previously held elected offices, and could only hack it in the “real” world of the private sector for 6 months. They have nothing. Nothing to run this campaign on. That is why we are seeing commercials by former Obama employees, Priorities USA, accusing Mitt Romney of contributing to KILLING a woman – with cancer!


He may call it something else, but hey – if it smells like a duck. The talking heads will do their best to justify it for “humanitarian” reasons, hoping their liberal base will buy it and wave the banner of violence as long as it’s for “our cause.” But as anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows – that’s all a load of bollocks. If humanitarian justice were a legitimate reason for the United States to go to war and invade other sovereign nations, we would be at war in the aforementioned China, North Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Columbia, most of Africa, Saudi Arabia, and hell – let’s just be frank, almost ALL of the Middle East. But we’re not at war with a third of the world. Why not? Because it’s not politically expedient.

If and when this action takes place, my sincere hope is that true lefty believers will flee from the Obama camp in droves. That independents will finally decide. We must speak about this now, early and often. The lives of the men and women in our military are NOT political pawns. Nor are the lives of the Syrian people – whose struggle we know absolutely nothing about.

Niall Ferguson, I heart you.

Break Me Off a Slice of That Good ‘Ol American Entrepreneurship!


One of the best things about being a curious person are the infinite number of little adventures and surprising scenarios you find yourself in. While house-hunting this weekend in Wellesley, we stumbled upon two darling little girls standing in their front yard holding up a sign that read “ART FOR SALE $.75 cents!” The 8 year-olds waved eagerly in attempt to grab our attention, and they were successful. How can you not stop for such adorable entrepreneurship?!

Finlay and Taryn proudly spread out their inventory for me after we introduced ourselves. And while I asked a few questions about their drawings, made my selections, and paid for them –  I walked away full of such enjoyment of what just took place. The seeds of industry had been planted in the hearts and minds of these future leading women. A belief that they can create and be rewarded for it. What a remarkable real-life example of what makes this country so exceptional.

This in stark contract to the widely talked about shameful display from President Obama regarding the nature of business creation and success in the United States that I previously wrote about last week (‘Hey successful folks – stop taking credit for your, um, success). When you listen to him speak off teleprompter and whoop-it up for his audience, notice that the ONLY jobs he mentions are government related. It took me a third go round of analysis to pick up on that one. This wasn’t a gaff or a misspeak, it was him accidentally letting loose his actual belief system. Obama believes the role of government in your life is a far departure from how our great society was founded, with you dependent on it – and it spreading the wealth around just enough so you don’t starve. No poverty, no success. No recognition for your hard work. No responsibility for your laziness and multiple baby-mamas.


Mustache and freedom loving commentator John Stossel further illustrates the combative anti-business attitude that is unfortunately not only present but growing in our culture in his comical-yet-tragic lemonade stand debacle. No wonder that small business creation is in decline. As goes our business men and women, so goes our great nation.

In the history of the world there has never been a single example of long-term success and sustainability of a quasi-socialist (communist, social justice, whatever…you say potato) quasi-capitalist nation. Never. And the rub is, they know it. Obama knows it. Pelosi knows it. Reid knows it. All you staking claim to others life and property in the name of “social justice” know it. Come out and say what you actually want and believe, as we got a glimpse of last week in Roanoke, VA. Tell us you HATE this country and the way it rewards industry. Tell us you HATE that some people are rich while you are not. Tell us you HATE because you cannot create.


My sincere apologies to Taryn and Finlay, my young little entrepreneurs. You didn’t draw those on your own and you shouldn’t think you are “so smart” and “hard-working” because someone besides your mom thought they were of value and paid you for them. Beware if you should become too successful little ones in what I hope is a very bright future. Obama’s social justice society will come a calling to take it away from you.


The Dark Hysterical Liberal Rises


While Colorado and the rest of the United States are reeling from this shockingly tragic event with 12 innocent dead after a shooting during a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises – there have already been attempts to politicize this horror.

This shooting is the worst mass shooting in the United States since 32 people were killed in 2007 on the Virginia Tech campus in Virginia back in 1999, and the 12 people killed in the Columbine High School massacre that happened only 25 miles away from this shooting early Friday morning (CBS Denver).

Most normal people have not acquired the callous smarminess to use this atrocity as a political talking point and launch into a anti-Second Amendment rights tirade even before we know the names of the victims. But that’s where you and I differ, we are normal. Normal-ish. Liberal media and nobody bloggers (unlike myself, a Libertarian-nobody blogger) have been just itching to change the national dialogue about the failure in the White House. And they have created it in the form of something we should simply be mourning.

ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings. ABC has since apologized. They actually could not seem eager enough to shoot first and ask questions later.

Blow-hard Gary Younge of The Guardian in the UK put out a piece “America needs to talk about gun control in the wake of the Colorado shooting (Read nonsense here). He urges us that

“Sympathy for Aurora’s victims should not stop us addressing the fact that more than 84 people are shot to death daily in the US.”

I remind you Mr. Younge that YOU are more than twice as likely to be a victim of knife crime in the UK as you are to be a victim of gun crime in the US.

Or we can look to the comments of Mayor Bloomberg insisting that gun control laws now become and issue of the 2012 election. Let me think on how this will play out, Obama will say this is so awful, us Democrats are anti-this, wish it didn’t happen, and if you let us take away your 2nd amendment right this would have been prevented. And Romney says, this is so awful, Republicans are anti-this, wish it didn’t happen, and as soon as you can legislate against CRAZY let us know?


“Behold, the instrument of your liberation! Identify yourself to the world!” 

Has this also given a contrived reason to attack this film and distract from its imminent success and its non-Hollywood conforming message? A surprise bonus, like cookies made with Splenda.

Staying in line with the other Dark Knight films, and what I loosely infer (based on no evidence but my observation) are the politics of filmmaker extraordinaire and genius, Christopher Nolan, this film is NOT anti-Capitalist or pro-mobs of the masses taking over. Quite the opposite. This franchise has felt a unique cold shoulder during awards season in tinsel town precisely for this reason. Now, I don’t want to go too Michele Bachmann on you with a conspiracy theory…just pointing out the facts. The Occupy Wall Streeters themselves are up in arms, or rather, up in iPads and patchouli, about what they call the anti-Occupy Wall Street blockbuster. Violent mobs lead by a dark faced villain attack Wall Street and our wealthy hero looses his fortune from a corrupt failed green energy program? No, that’s not about you whatsoever. Why do you ask?

* * *

My heart truly aches for these families whose lives have just been irrevocably torn apart. Can we please insert some GD-civility back into this Twilight Zone of a political season and not use this to try to swing the polls one way or the other?

If you are interested in ways to help the victims and their families in Aurora, CO, this article offers a few ideas. 

Why I don’t take “We think you’re stupid” for an answer.


Last night I commented to my better half that the one thing in this world that drives me absolutely insane is people behaving false. Whether that comes in the form of willful intellectual dishonesty or the more blatant “I think you’re stupid and can pull one over on you,” doesn’t matter.

It is my albatross. That is the core of my political, familial, and societal frustrations.

As per usual, the universe handed me two situations in as many days to clarify this for me. The second came to a head this morning in dealing with my dental office and dental insurance. It began after asking what I thought was a simple question to the office manager at my dental office, seven times, she continued to shout over me, incessantly repeating herself. This is one of the things not too bright people do. When they don’t know how to answer your question or how to handle you they just repeat whatever asinine thing they already said. Finally I answered the question for her. And when she agreed that I had correctly answered my own question, the conversation came to an impasse and I politely hung up.

Next was a phone call to my dental insurance to confirm the information said office manager shouted at me was in fact true. Part was correct, part was misinformation (I will be trying to meet with the dentist later this week to discuss the lack of customer service and bad policy). I was concerned that my insurance company was being over-charged by my dentist, and once my deductible was reached therefore over-charging me. After a couple of rounds explaining that I was in fact trying to help them SAVE money, he told me that the policy in place would not allow for that. But that is bad business I said, that’s how we do it, he replied. Then the following exchange took place after customer service agent Ross offered up to me the information that should I elect to pay out-of-pocket for covered dental procedures and they find out about it, they will cross that off my list of covered services.

Me: So Ross, hypothetically if I am visiting family in California and pay cash for a dental cleaning on a whim, and you happen to find out about it, Altus Dental will then deny paying for a future cleaning that I PAY COVERAGE FOR?

Ross: Well, when you say it like that, it sounds so, um…

Me: Sinister? Shady? Wrong?

Ross: Yeah. Um, let me check with my supervisor to see if I have this right….(a minute later, and much more confident now) Yes, ma’am, that is our policy.

Me: Isn’t that bad policy? You are cheating.

Ross: That is the way it is. That is our policy. Is there anything else I can answer for you?

Me: Only if you can explain to me why your company thinks this policy is okay to have. (Silence). Okay then, bye.

It would have been mildly less frustrating if he would have just shouted WE THINK YOU’RE STUPID and you have no recourse against us – so piss off. At least that would have been honest. And mostly true.

Now where I may differ from many of you is you would never have spent an hour having these conversations with these people. But remember my albatross dangling ever so foreboding around my neck? I cannot let it go. Things in our world have gotten so completely backwards and unbelievably nutty precisely because so many Americans for so long have just let it all go with a shoulder shrug and a “what can you do, that’s just the way it is.” No,no it is not. These two companies are behaving badly and I will speak out about it. I should speak out about it. In my personal relationships I will speak out about it when occasions arise instead of just letting bad behavior go unchecked. Which may be why I’m not so popular.

Finally to bring it full circle to what lately is truly motivating my writing – this government. From Obama and his surrogates in the media spouting claims that are inaccurate to say the least (Source: Breitbart), ever-expanding their powerful reach into controlling your life and livelihood, to the TSA molesting you in the airport – they get away with it because YOU say nothing. Do nothing. Just go along.

This is why it is so crucial that I don’t take “we think you’re stupid” from my insurance company, dental office, family, and my government. And you shouldn’t either. Unless of course you are stupid, and in that case – carry on intellectual lightweights.

Just stay out of my way and please stop voting.

Just your friendly Tuesday reminder…

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